This post isn't about bashing "bad" babies. This post is about how there are no bad babies, period.

Babies can't be bad - they are little humans learning how to navigate the world. They don't know any better and its our duty as the adult, who's knows better, to teach, lead, guide and raise them up in the way they should go. Children are innocent and creative geniuses, specifically before the age of 3. 

Words are weapons and spells. When someone tells a baby they are "bad" how does that energy effect the child?

Instead of yelling "bad baby" the next time your little one does something that gets your nerves ticking, take a breathe and talk to your baby explaining the right thing to do, no matter the age. Your baby might not be able to talk back or fully comprehend but they hear you, and will eventually show that they understand. 

Ever been chilling and then a lightbulb pops in your head and finally turns on? Babies reach ' Ah-hah' moments too. We, the caregivers, help them get there. 

 If you want to give yourself and your baby a reset, try "Sage Me Down."

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