Self-Care Garden for 2023

Whew! Such a journey these past years have been. Just when I thought I had the basic principles of operating myself through life, I back-to-back birthed two beautiful babies who sent my hormones unraveling shadows of my most vulnerable self seated at the root.

"Keep Living."

My sister told me this when I was a 24 year old,  passive aggressive, LaLa Dream Land citizen and know it all.  She was telling me something and my perspective of it was very bottom line, and a bit insensitive. So she said, "keep living." Meaning one day I'll get it.

So here I am today, getting it. The beautiful, uncomfortable, and wonderful journey of being a divine student, teacher, and player of this destiny. Just when I thought my emotional control was unshakable, my mind was unwavering, and that my faith and magic would only increase, I was catapulted to a new level of life to overcome.  

While dealing with my deepest psychological fears and accomplishing major physical goals, my emotional control was gone. After that, my thinking became a chaotic prison of recollections from the very beginning of my memory. 

 A beautiful storm of self-discovery and healing came after I 'kept living.'

The thing I realized is you have to do what works for you; create and accept your own ideologies through wisdom gained and given. I decided that in order to maintain a balanced emotional, spiritual and physical state - I NEED SELF-CARE.

Mother Of Jupiter is the garden you visit to gather the tools you need for #I-Self-Care. Welcome in, we are here to lighten your journey through 2023 & beyond.

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