Self-Care All Day Keeps The Dr. Away

Self-Care All Day Keeps The Dr. Away

We usually think about self-care in a very single-minded and basic way of looking at it - doing things to simply take care of ourselves, like getting enough sleep, eating healthy, etc. But taking a more holistic approach to self-care — one that focuses on building good habits for our longterm mental health and enjoyment of life — can have a profound impact on our lives.
One of the best examples of how a good self-care routine can improve your overall fulfillment is something that takes place every single day. Taking a few moments to express gratitude and appreciate what we have in life can be incredibly beneficial. Writing down three things at the end of every day that we’re grateful for can help us to maintain perspective and prevent us from becoming overwhelmed with the chaotic and often overwhelming nature of life.

It’s equally important to make sure we stay active, either through physical exercise or some other form of activity. Not only is exercise great for physical health, but has been proven to have powerful mental, emotional and even spiritual benefits as well. By incorporating activities that keep us both physically and mentally active, we can become more aware and mindful of our health, and by extension, our overall enjoyment of life.

Whether it’s taking a few minutes every day to reflect and appreciate what we have, or engaging in healthy physical activity, self-care can be an incredibly powerful tool in cultivating a deeper level of fulfillment and enjoyment in life.

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