Work With Us! Influencers Needed

We are looking for influencers of all sizes! 

Do you have a strong social media community? Do you enjoy self-care and all-natural, intentional skincare? Do enjoy sales and passive income?

Well we'd love to work with you! This is a risk free opportunity. 

Send us a email to :

1. Be sure to include your social media links! (not handles) Must not be private. We will not request you, please check that your page is open to the public and will remain so.

2. Your current industry.

3. Your name and current occupation; if you have one or not doesn't affect you.

4. A brief 3 - 5 sentence bio about yourself. Ex: hobbies, interest, married? children? family style?

5. What do you rate your creativity level on a scale of 1-10?

Feel free to tag us in a video on social media or include a video that explains why you enjoy our products.

***This is not required but is great brownie points.