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Orange Smudge

Orange Smudge

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3 hand-tied bundles of Orange, Cinnamon and white Sage. 

Saging your space is a powerful and ancient practice for removing negative energy, clearing it away and replacing it with a calming spiritual vibe. By using smudge sticks or sage to cleanse the space, you can create a safe and sacred space for you and your loved ones to relax and feel at ease. Smudging has been used for centuries for its purifying, protecting, and healing properties, so if you're feeling particularly drained or heavy, it is a great way to restore balance to your home and nurture your wellbeing.

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Exfoliate & Hydrate Sugar Scrub

Choose smooth and silky while enhancing appearance. The essential elements of tea tree and lemon grass act as anti-viral astringents, removing bacteria, while the Vitamin E Oil restores intense moisture and shine to cure dullness. The avocado oil will restore elasticity and overall appearance. With consistent use, your skin will become a soft reset.