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Peppermint Alert

Peppermint Alert

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"I am alert, conscious, and connected to the energy source. I know the answers I seek are inside of me because I am connected to God. I am free from discomfort and basking in pleasure."

This family of intentions is perfect for anyone who wants to reduce stress, improve mental clarity and 3rd eye awareness, communicate better, find their powerful voice, enhance psychic abilities, relieve pain and swelling, improve stamina and focus, hydrate and nurture their skin.


4oz Yucca Root Cleanser, 16oz head-to-toe wash, 8oz sugar scrub, 8oz body cream

How to use

First, rinse yourself well. 

Began with the Yucca Root Cleanser to clean your face. 

Next, use the Peppermint wash from head-to-toe or face-to-toe.

Proceed to the Peppermint Exfoliate. Gently use from the neck on down.

While still damp, grab a small amount of Peppermint Body Cream to seal the moisture and your newfound vibe.


Made in small batches. Allow between 3-10 days to receive.

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Created by a mom with other families in mind.

Trust us, try us, love us.

Peppermint Alert

The intention packed into this family: 

* Reduces Stress

*Aids in Mental Clarity and 3rd Eye Awareness  

*Aids in Communication and Finding Power in Your Voice

*Enhance Psychic Abilities  

*Relieves Pain and Swelling 

*Improves Stamina and Focus

*Hydrate and Nurture

*Moisturize normal to dry skin