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Sage Me Down

Sage Me Down

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Perfect for those who want to promote wisdom and intuition.


"I am whole and clean. I am aligned with my highest good. I am open to ancient wisdom and enlightenment. My energy is pure and receptive to what is aligned for my journey."

This family intends to promote healing, clear negative energy, and restore harmony. This powerful combination can help to promote wisdom, enhance intuition, and hydrate and nurture your skin. 

Each product is made with natural ingredients to help achieve your intentions and cleanse your aura.


4oz Yucca Root Cleanser, 16oz head-to-toe wash, 8oz sugar scrub, 8oz body cream

How to use

First, rinse yourself well. 

Began with the Yucca Root Cleanser to clean your face. 

Next, use the Sage wash from head-to-toe or face-to-toe.

Proceed to the Sage Exfoliate. Gently use from the neck on down.

While still damp, grab a small amount of Sage Body Cream to seal the moisture and your newfound vibe.


Made in small batches. Allow between 3-10 days to receive.

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Created by a mom with other families in mind.

Trust us, try us, love us.

Sage Me Down

The intention packed into this family: 

*Attract Healing

*Clear Negative Energy

*Restore Harmony

*Promote Wisdom

*Enhance Intuition 

*Hydrate and Nurture

*Moisturize normal to dry skin