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I Feel Abundant, 24K Wash

I Feel Abundant, 24K Wash

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There is so much intention packed into this head-to-toe body wash. 

Make it a family with I Feel Abundant 24K 

*Reset your vibe *Attract your desires *Hydrate and tighten*Fight acne and oily-prone skin *Moisturize without feeling oily


With the highest sourced quality:

*Raw Honey*24K Gold *Jojoba Oil*Orange*Key Essential Oils.


You will feel abundant in your energy, all while having beautifully nurtured skin. It's easy to use - just follow the 'How-To' and let the luxurious formula work its magic. You'll feel like a new person when you step out, with refreshed, hydrated skin that feels softer and smoother, along with an energetic upgrade for your vibe.


Raw Honey*24K Gold *Avocado Oil*Orange*Key Essential Oils

How to use

Apply in shower from head-to-toe. Visualize the suds and water rinsing off your old energy and your new skin glistening. Picture how you plan to step out of the bath and imagine how it makes you feel.


Made in small batches. Allow between 3-10 days to receive.

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Created by a mom with other families in mind.

Trust us, try us, love us.